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Projects with The Daily

PBS National Projects

WNET / PBS Local Projects

Writing, appearances, projects for fun, etc.

Projects for The Daily

*Producing The Daily

The Daily Cover

Role: Interactive Producer (freelance Tenure: May 2012-August 2012)

Descriptionacting as point for daily issue production between editorial, photo, and design, producing issue to spec and developing new features for breaking news. Ensured issue met all QA standards before 5 AM publication. Produced approximately 75 issues total, about 50 of which included dual orientation design for both vertical and horizontal views on the iPad, all of which utilized bespoke digital design. 

*The Daily’s Gadget Guide

Gadget Guide Cover

Role: Producer / Project Lead

Goals: Create a one-off magazine style application to showcase the coolest and most cutting edge technology from 2012 in conjunction with The Daily’s tech editors.

Production Responsibilities: Manage production designers and designers to create layouts that conform with editorial’s vision, develop a browser based share mechanism for integration with social media, utilize SCRUM with developers to update and release a new version of the app, manage all editorial and marketing deliverables, acting as point for product as a whole.



PBS Projects for a National Audience

*American Masters

American Masters screenshot

Goal: Transform the American Masters Web site into a content destination with full episodes and educational companion content for an ongoing series.

Production Responsibilities: Identify full episodes, outtakes, and other video content around each episode. Streamline a work flow pattern that includes standard companion content with each episode delivered for broadcast (timelines, essays ect). Redesign the site and re-write all content to be optimized for SEO. When the opportunity presents itself in situations where we own the content, drive content based campaigns such as the “LENNONYC podcast” and the “Remembering Lennon” UGC campaign for the PBS arts initiative.

URL: pbs.org/americanmasters

*Great Performances

Goal: Transform the Great Performances Web site into a content destination with full episodes and educational companion content for an ongoing series.

Production Responsibilities: Relaunch the site in a fully optimized CMS. Identify episodic video content and full episodes with streaming rights. Design new online episode packaging to conform to PBS standards. Work with the press team to create additional companion content and leverage cross promotional opportunities.

URL: pbs.org/gperf

*Mission US

Goal: Create a site to present an interactive online role-playing game for use in the classroom, Mission US, create mini-game extras, a streamlined teachers resources section, and a user-generated video component for teachers and classes to share their experiences.

Production Responsibilities: Lead the design for all sections of the site, debug the main game client with a 3rd party, lead the development of a quiz mini-game, design information architecture for the teacher’s resources section, develop and implement concept for a video submission section, develop a plan to scale the site to include further ‘missions’ in the future.

URL: mission-us.org

*Make ‘Em Laugh

Make 'Em Laugh

Goal: Create a site with the dual function of promoting the broadcast premiere of a miniseries and create a original content destination for PBS viewers.

Production Responsibilities: Work with the producers to identify outtake extras that we can stream online. Design and optimize the site for SEO. Commission essays and write polls. Create an original online episode using themes from the series.

URL: pbs.org/makeemlaugh

*Teh Internets (original online episode for Make ‘Em Laugh)

Teh Internets

Goal: To create an original, entertaining documentary on Internet humor as an online original companion piece to Make ‘Em Laugh.

Production Responsibilities: Writer and Producer for the episode. Hire director and production crew. Identify and schedule 29 different comedians using the internet today including, Michael Showalter, Jenny Slate, Ze Frank, Chelsea Peretti and more. Write and produce interstitial skits for the host of the program, Amy Sedaris. Ensure that the program meets all PBS standards.

URL: Due to scalability issues with PBS’ video system over the past two years, this episode is not currently available.

*Worse Than War

Goal: Create a site that is an original content destination with the full episode available alongside companion content, while promoting the original book.

Production Responsibilities: Design a site using existing branding that is SEO optimized. Identify and approach key content partners and organizations to contribute original work to the site. Identify excerpts from the book that effectively communicate and elaborate on the central topics of the documentary. Run a social media give-away via twitter to promote broadcast.

URL: pbs.org/worse-than-war

*Secrets of the Dead

Secrets of the Dead

Goal: Create a site for an ongoing series to promote tune in and present full episodic content.

Production Responsibilities: Design site to fit within our CMS and optimize for SEO. Create a social media presence on Facebook and optimize to promote tune-in and site content. Streamline a work flow for the creation of episode companion content.

URL: pbs.org/secrets

*The Music Instinct

Goal: Create a web site that presents original online content, promotes tune-in, presents lesson plans to teachers, and engages viewers in a unique way to make them think about universal music concepts.

Production Responsibilities: Update the original interactive proposal to conform with current technology and trends, identify ‘video modules’ to serve as original online content, design the information architecture and three interactive widgets for the educational section for teachers, identify and partner with a company to create a user generated music composition contest that promoted the program’s concept and tune-in for the premiere.

URL: pbs.org/musicinstinct

*Get The Math

Get The Math

Goal: Create a web site that delivers a fully interactive educational experience for use in the classroom that utilizes clips from the program and 6 original activities to test students knowledge of math concepts.

Production Responsibilities: Create a design that elaborates on the standard CMS features but are optimized for a static site. Technical producer for all content and interactives.

URL: thirteen.org/get-the-math

*Cry for Help

Goal: Create a site to promote tune-in for the documentary premiere, as well as stream the documentary and present companion content and educational resources.

Production Responsibilities: Design the site. Create an original video featuring the station president highlighting the importance of the topic of teen suicide. Re-purpose original reporting and research from the documentary as original online content and essays. Assemble a list of partner organizations and resources for parents and teens looking for help dealing with depression.

URL: pbs.org/cryforhelp

*Mysterious Human Heart

Goal: Create a web site that promotes tune-in for the premiere broadcast, serves as an evergreen educational resource for information on heart health and teacher resources for using the documentary in the classroom, present the full documentary miniseries streaming online, and create valuable interactive companion content.

Production Responsibilities: Direct and commission writing for a healthy heart guide, spec and develop a flash application that provides a 3D tour of the heart, encode all video, develop and execute creation of additional companion content, direct all design, ensure the site meets all PBS standards.

WNET / PBS Projects for a Local New York City Audience

*Reel New York Film Festival

Goal: Develop a site to catalog and present all films for 2 seasons of the Reel New York Film Festival.

Production Responsibilities: Develop a scale-able design as films accumulate, determine which films we can stream online, video and design coordinate assets with the film makers for posting, write and edit all content.

URL: thirteen.org/reelny (note: due to relaunch efforts on thirteenorg, the original design has been majorly altered)


Goal: Develop a site to present the documentary streaming and compliant with all accessible media standards, create a forum for disabled viewers to share their story, create companion essays on topics related to disability.

Production Responsibilities: Direct design, develop a tool for user story submissions that encompasses a variety of media types, research and implement an accessible media player for the documentary, edit and commission all companion content and essays.

URL: thirteen.org/rolling (note: due to relaunch effort for thirteen.org the original design is no longer available)

*Jews of New York

Goal: Create a site to present the full documentary and optimize all segments for SEO.

Production Responsibilities: Direct design, parse documentary for subject matter, write and edit all copy.

*Reel 13

Goal: Develop a new site for a new Staurday night movie program that contains an interactive poll for a weekly short film contest.

Production Responsibilities: Direct design, coordinate all assets for the weekly contest, monitor live results and implement any means to make the contest results more secure and accurate, write and coordinate assets to announce the weekly movie lineup.

URL: thirteen.org/reel13 (note: the site had a design relaunched since my time as producer)


Goal: Create a site that presents a weekly arts program in an online video-magazine format with a calendar featuring things to do in New York City and a regularly updated blog of art, music, and theater reviews.

Production Responsibilities: Identify and hire talent for the blog, coordinate blog topics with the broadcast editorial calendar, edit all writing, write video descriptions optimized for SEO, direct design for the web site’s launch, edit an ongoing calendar and create work flow for data entry, and identify opportunities for content partnerships online.

URL: thirteen.org/sundayarts (note: I launched and managed this site for the first two years, the design has since changed and the blog was discontinued due to budgeting restrictions)

*Live Web Cast With Mark Bittman

Goal: Develop a Web site and program where Mark Bittman answers reader questions via a live Web cast.

Production Responsibilities: Develop a mechanism for user submissions, monitor submissions during the live cast, develop branding concept for this one-off event, implement the site and evergreen all content.

URL: thirteen.org/bittman

Personal Projects/Blogging/Appearances ect.


A blog I curate, co-created with my friend Kyle Matthews, who designed the logo. This blog has received a good amount of press, some of which you can see here.

URL: zeroviews.biz

*Interview with On The Media

In Fall 2010, I was interviewed for NPR’s on the media as an expert on unwatched YouTube videos. Hear the full story here.


A site I designed as a destination for silly GIFs and to induce seizures.

URL: ohdang.biz


A blog I designed, wrote for, and edited for about 4 years. For a while it had a small cult following and was picked up by Gawker, Radar Online and other well known online publications. I let the hosting on this expire since it seemed unreasonable to keep paying to keep a live archive. Writing samples from this period in my life are available, but I’m not sure why anyone would want to see these now. There are a couple funny pieces I don’t mind showing off though.

*Other writing

I have created short fiction, essays, and larger features for various blogs and publications. Samples available on request.

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