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A video game in which a woman kicks a dog in front of the Statue of Liberty. Via vgjunk's write-up on a forgotten Sega arcade fighter, Flashgal, which I would have titled differently.


A video game in which a woman kicks a dog in front of the Statue of Liberty. Via vgjunk's write-up on a forgotten Sega arcade fighter, Flashgal, which I would have titled differently.

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Just realized I never posted these here…

Sad Dads at a One Direction concert. If any of these dads get in touch I’d love to buy them a nice beer (or ten) for getting me on The Today Show.  

(c) Angelina Castillo for the Nashville Scene

These are so excellent.

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You don’t need to start the next Ice Bucket Challenge. You need a social newsroom.

I wrote some reflections about how to engage with major trends and graphed over 200 Ice Bucket Challenge videos indexed by online community for Storyful’s blog.

This was fun to do.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I’m so happy this documentary exists and is available online.

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Maybe people wouldn’t be so annoyed with Milo Manara’s “Spider-Woman” #1 variant cover if every series got overtly sexy variant covers—not just the ones with female leads.

This is a world I want to live in.

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Breakfast around the world

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"It hardly mattered, though, to the now-early-teens who’d been raised on Williams’ movies. For them — for me — Williams has a place in the pantheon simply by virtue of being that rare star who seemed excited to work on projects we cared about. Giving joy is as important as evoking tears or provoking thought, and Williams’ legacy, perhaps, can be measured in the imprints his movies left in rec-room carpets, as kids parked in front of the TV rewound his movies again and again."

Dan wrote a really excellent tribute to Robin Williams. This paragraph made me cry a little.
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The Kim game


I spent the weekend with my parents in suburban MD in advance of the DC Politics and Prose reading tonight, and I made Ruth come too though she had to go back to NY today for work. We had a fun weekend exploring DC’s cultural riches. Jk, we didn’t, instead we ate excellent free food, drank a lot…

Hi Tumblr! I’ve been away for a couple months!

I had a conversation yesterday with my boyfriend, one where he literally almost got angry at me, after I outed myself for having spent money on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. I tried to defend myself describing how the game actually is really smart about the way it monetizes around simple wish fulfillment, the underestimated value of cosmetic modifications to avatars, and how it’s made me think Kim K. is a brilliant business person. Essentially his argument came down to his distaste for the Kardashians, and there was no cultural analysis or undergrad level “highbrow meets lowbrow” thesis I could conjure that excused the fact I spent a dozen bucks on the game, and supported her empire, to purchase cool shoes for my game avatar.

And then Emily wrote this thing expressing a similar experience and articulated it very well. So click through for all of Emily’s blogging thoughts on the Kim K. game.

(P.S. my game progress mysteriously deleted itself the other week and I still can’t get support to respond, so I’ve taken a hiatus from trying to make it to Calabasas)

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OPENING CEREMONY: We can’t get enough of the Japanese artist Jiraiya and his depiction of muscular men, an obsession fueled by ​our friends at ​MASSIVE​, who specialize in gachi-muchi paraphernalia​. ​To add to our collection, we’ve joined MASSIVE to create an OC-exclusive lineup of o​ur favorite ​Jiraiya work,​​ printed on unisex muscle tees, rugby shorts, beach towels—and even a limited-edition​,​ two-hole Tenga vacuum cup.

Made in Japan.


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